The Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies (CITS) was established in 1988 at the University of Hawai'i at Mānoa within the College of Languages, Linguistics and Literature. The Center's primary goal is to provide basic training in translation and interpretation. Emphasis is on the sociolinguistic and communication skills and techniques needed to facilitate cultural, scientific, and technical exchanges in cross-cultural and multinational settings. These can be used at international conferences, as well as medical, legal and social service settings. Given our commitment to the community, a number of CITS courses are made available to non-UHM students through Outreach College. Generic courses are conducted in English and any language speaker is welcome.  Language-specific courses may require proof of language proficiency before enrollment. Currently, interested students can receive a BA in Translation and/or Interpretation through Interdisciplinary Studies.

Translator and interpreter studies are characterized by the practice-intensive nature of the training program. Prospective students, therefore, should be prepared to spend many hours outside of class practicing to perfect in-class instruction and lab-supervised work. Only through practice will students achieve the requisite mastery required for competency-based certification.

The Center offers a six-week Summer Intensive Interpreter Training program (SIIT) every other year. This high-level certificate training program is offered in English in combination with Japanese, Mandarin, Spanish and Korean. Certificate programs for other languages will also be offered if demand is sufficient. For more information, see SIIT.

Undergraduate Program - Interdisciplinary Studies

University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa offers an undergraduate degree in Interpretation and/or Translation through Interdisciplinary Studies. CITS faculty and advisors from Interdisciplinary Studies are available to help students design their own Interpretation and/or Translation major and advise students on appropriate courses. For more information, please contact CITS ( or Interdisciplinary Studies ( 

Summer Intensive Interpreter Training (SIIT) Program - Summer 2019                             

People who are interested in high-level interpretation skills and who are not in pursuit of a degree can choose to take our language-specific Summer Intensive Interpreter Training (SIIT) program. This program is offered every two years. Candidates are required to pass a screening test to determine the language level. International students need only a travel visa for this program. The next SIIT Program will take place Summer 2019. For more information, see SIIT.