Translation and Interpretation Services

The Center for Interpretation and Translation Studies is not a service provider. However, because of our visibility in the community and accessibility, we often receive inquiries from individuals and organizations that need translation and interpretation services. Together with leading training programs from around the country, we have drafted the following statement  to better inform both those seeking interpretation and translation services, and those seeking education in this dynamic field. CITS remains dedicated to providing education and training in interpreting and translating. Statement on the Preparation of Translators, Interpreters, and Localization Professionals in the U.S.

Certification of Medical Interpreters

National Board of Certification for Medical Interpreters
For details on the exam, including prerequisites, registration, and tips for preparation, please see the NBCMI website:

Workshops & Training 

A wide range of available workshops for individuals or groups
We have a number of workshops and practical training on various topics available for you or your staff. We can work with you to design or refer a specific type of educational workshop specific for your needs. Contact for more information. For example, in collaboration with the State of Hawaiʻi Office of Language Access (OLA), CITS has offered the following workshops:

Code of Ethics

Interpreter Code of Ethics
We have put together a simple, one-page Code of Ethics for interpreters that combines the various legal codes, cannons, and rules that all fall under five basic categories. Feel free to download, copy or otherwise share this code  freely, leaving the reference at the bottom of the page. Interpreter Code of Ethics

Equipment for Simultaneous Interpreting

CITS has wireless and wired simultaneous interpreting equipment available, depending on the number of participants you need. Email or call (808) 956-6233 for more information.