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SIIT 2017

Aloha SIIT 2017 participants!
This page has been created exclusively for your use. We have included information and links that we hope will be helpful to you throughout the course. If you find any errors, or have suggestions or comments, please comment at the bottom of the page of email us at We will continue to update this page, so come back often! 

Housing Information 

SIIT participants are responsible for their own housing arrangements. That said, we have developed this section to help you along the way. If you need a reference for housing purposes, CITS is happy to provide reference letters stating that you will be with us for the duration of the program. Unfortunately, on-campus housing options are extremely limited for non-credit students (such as SIIT participants), as the University of Hawaii reserves housing for students in credit-awarding programs. 

off-campus housing

Honolulu housing prices are a bit higher than many other places in the U.S. A one-bedroom apartment in town close to the University can cost from $900 to $1400 a month or more. You can often find a room in a shared house for somewhat less. A good point of reference is Craigslist which has an extensive list of locations, models, etc. However, we do not endorse or verify any information you may find on external websites. Be careful of SCAMS and avoid giving out any credit card information before getting a key!

Another resource for your housing search are the website of the UH Mānoa Women's Campus Club, which regularly updates its list of short-term rentals and exchanges.

Campus Life

The SIIT is a non-credit program which is offered through Outreach College.  Please visit the outreach website all kinds of information about campus life.

Traveling around Oahu

If you do not live near campus, you might need transportation to get to class. Fortunately, Hawaii has one of the best public transportation services in the United States. Take a look at The Bus website, which has lots of features to help you find your way around.  Regular, one-way fares are $2.50. Once you receive your UH ID, you also have access to discounted bus passes. Without a bus pass, you must have exact change, as the drivers do not carry change.

The UH Department of Commuter Services has also developed a website with tips and information for getting to and from campus. Be sure to check it out as it has tons of valuable information.
ways to manoa

Parking Information 

For the most up-to-date information on driving to campus, including permits and passes, fees and hourly rates, visit the Commuter Services website. You may also wish to purchase a parking pass at St. Francis School, which is 5 minutes from our classrooms. Please contact their Business Office for more information: Phone: (808) 988-4111.

First Day of Class

-= Location =-
Our classroom is TP 103, right next door to the CITS office.  On the first day of class, stop by early to our office at Temporary Portable 103 to say hi, grab some snacks and coffee and get your seet in TP 104. 
(Click here for a map that shows you how to get to CITS office).

-= What to Bring =-

  • Lab & Participant Fee - $100 cash or check made out to cash

  • Electronic dictionary (recommended)

  • Notebook/paper

  • Pen/pencil (We suggest an interpreter pen!)

  • Laptop or iPad (optional)

  • Umbrella (it can rain unexpectedly in Mānoa!)

  • Sweater or jacket (for Air Conditioned rooms)

  • Voice recorder (recommended) (cell phones can record)

  • Money/change for drinks, snacks, copies, or printing

UH ID cards

For non-UH students, after the first day of class, you may go to Campus Center
 212 to obtain your temporary UH ID. The cost of the card is around $10.

With the ID, you are entitled to certain privileges and discounts, including discounted bus passes, discounted entrance fees to local attractions and borrowing privileges at the library.

UH Internet Wireless Access

Those of you who do not yet have UH usernames will receive an email with instructions to set up wireless access on your computer or phones. Please follow these directions carefully as they will guide you through the set-up process. As a reminder, access to the UH wireless system is temporary and it will expire at the close of SIIT.

If you have a UH Username and have not set-up your wireless yet, the wireless "network name" and password needed for set-up can be found by logging in to the UH Account Management system. Once you log in to the Account Management system, look for the link titled "UHM Wireless Network Settings." Clicking on that link will give you the wireless network name and password.

For a UHM Wireless Network map, including coverage areas indoors and outdoors, please click here.


On the evening of July 4th, Ala Moana Beach Park has a great 4th of July Fireworks show. You won't want to miss it if you are in Hawai‘i! We will arrive around 5 pm to get a good spot picked out and will play Frisbee and other games and just get to know each other before the show.  Bring something to sit on and food, and join us! (Alcohol and smoking is prohibited in public areas.)
Magic Island, Honolulu, HI for a map of Ala Moana.